Thanks Giving

One of the greatest blessings of thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is the opportunity it offers me to express gratitude for how well and with so much joy I have spent the last 36 years since the symptoms of MS first appeared. First to thank, of course, is Sheila–lover, friend, and wife for 50 years–generous, beautiful, gifted, enduring more than her due with grace, patience, and far less complaint, irritation, or despair than is rightly hers.

My children, Daniel and Rebecca, each in a personal and particular manner, have without shame and with care helped me participate as much as possible (and is tolerable) in the lives of their families, as have their so kind partners, Paul and Anna. The time and love Papa has been given with and by my grandchildren, beautiful Maddy, 13, always lively Ben, 11, and new guy Caito, 19 months, is an unending source of unconditional pleasure and determination to live on with zest and laughter.

My mother gives willingly and goes way out of her way to visit and does whatever she is able to make our lives easier. My dear dog, Bodhi, gives me devotion, companionship, exercise, and all he expects from me are treats. My wonderful loyal friends for years not only put up with the difficult logistics and tolerate the postponements and cancellations to get together for meals, movies, conversations, but do much more than they ought to ensure that we meet.

My extraordinarily competent and wise physical therapist, Wendy, with humor and warmth has made it possible to function better and avoid worse for years. My physician, Dr. Raizin, trusts and supports me to get the medical care I need as soon as possible. My clients move me with the confidence in me they bring to our sessions and the insights into their lives they share have aided me immeasurably with my own. My painting teachers brought me an immeasurable gift.

And to many, many more unnamed, some forgotten, but all worthy of thanks.

And to the Holy Breath which continues to give me life undeserved nor earned, but to which I owe all…
and I’m so glad
Yes, I’m so glad
I’m so glad
So glad
I want to thank You,

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