Old and new

A new god has come into our lives and home. Kai, a Tibetan Terrier like Bodhi of blessed memory, from the most kindly breeder, Wendyll Behrend of  Kensington Kennels (http://kensingtontibetans.com) , Stowe, Vermont. IMG_2847 (1)And just in time for the days when Caito is not there for palling around.

The last two months have been a great time to unwillingly be reminded of the phrase associated with chronic illness: “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Two months of one long UTI or of recurring ones equals 8 weeks of antibiotics and probiotics. And just when I think I’ve killed it, it began again. My doctor agreed at my request t0 try out a prophylactic antibiotic which, of course, has its serious up and down side, the downside being making the bacteria for which the medication has been effective more resistant!

Similar to when I had my lovely monthly dosing of steroids which were administered to tamp down inflammation to minimize immune responses which is the foundation of m.s., an autoimmune disease, but which had the unfortunate accompanying effect of lowering the immune system and then making me more vulnerable to infections which of course initiated a heightened immune system response. But I did love that weekend of steroid, going without sleep, clarity, and creative production. Of course Mondays I crashed, but it was worth it.

In any case, there were are on Father’s Day in the emergency room at 200 to get a CAT scan on the day of the strawberry moon rather than attending a wedding on the Cape. Of course I gave them a urine sample when we got there. At 600 two great pieces of information. The first to a dehydrated me, “oops, we spilled your sample,” and the second from the ER doctor, “if you were sent here to get a CAT scan, you go straight to radiology. If you’re here, we decide what you need.”

Aaaargh! and Waaaaaaaaaa!

In any case, thing moved along there as quickly as possible and we emerged from the hospital to a beautiful summer night of the solstice, full moon shining. And once again lessons in patience, living with uncertainty, and many others all of which Sheila carried off better than I.

As for Kai’s first day, mellow, playful with ball, duck, and stick. Ate well. At night, in crate crying until we covered three sides with towel, put on light classical, and slept until all of us awakened by birds. Next day rest with an around the block walk that he did magnificently followed by sleep. A wonderful pup!!

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  1. Nina Mayer says:

    Again, what a tale! Here’s to all of you and the power of spirit and the power of fun!
    A belated Happy Father’s Day, too.

  2. Jock Holden says:

    yup. I am sick and tired of being sick….and tired, and with PD as with MS, the slow progression is relentless. (to my neurologist) “How long will I have to be on Sinamet (Levidopa / carbidopa) ? ” “For the rest of your life” I guess that is the last nail in my coffin of denial. There are surgical options open down the road : Deep Brain Stimulation, but that too is not without risks and complications, My friend John had it done and it nicked his speech center, but the effect on his worsening tremors made it worthwhile for him. He has a module under the skin similar to a defibrillator, and he has a remote. When he has something important to say, he turns the device off long enough to speak, then turns it back on. Quite remarkable. I am currently experiencing one of the stages of grief called anger: they have been actively studying PD since 1818 and they haven’t figured out how to at least stop the progression??? (let alone a cure….)I am a member of the Michael J Fox foundation and all they seem to be able to do is whine for money. I understand that research isn’t free but……
    Mohammed Ali’s death was another nail in my coffin. My first Neurologist made the statement to me that “this is not a disease you will die of” tell that to Ali, or Robin Williams for that matter. It’s a fall or Pneumonia that will take me out, both predictable side effects of this disease. Bitter? Why me ? you bet.

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