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Hi. Several of you have expressed concern about my well being because of the absence of blogs since June. First, thanks for the good thoughts. Secondly, I am well. But the arrival of Kai in June, Sheila’s torn ACL and knee sprain, the birth of Jonah Michael to Dan and Anna in our “commune,” the excitement of Ben’s role as the younger Patrick in Manchester by the Sea, Maddy’s field hockey prowess, and the pull of sweet Caito yanked me away from writing.

Instead, I am preparing a collection, Dropping Wood, Spilling Water: Chronic Illness, Disability, and Aging as Paths of Consciousness and Being for epublication. “What awaits you, (I am addressing new readers ) as you enter these pages is a series of reflections that encompasses one year of living with my chronic illness—multiple sclerosis, diagnosed nearly forty years ago—and its effects upon my family, in particular my “well partner” caregiver and wife of five decades, Sheila. I think you will find value in this collection; even if only a few paragraphs are helpful I shall be glad. My experience of illness is influenced by a half century of study and work with traditions of consciousness, as well as my practice as a psychotherapist. Regardless of diagnosis or degree of disability and while still acknowledging our differences, those of us who suffer anguish of the body have much in common.”

Well, Dropping Wood, Spilling Water will soon be on Amazon, free to my blog readers, and, of course, I’ll

welcome your reviews. Again, thanks for your interest and concern.

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4 Responses to Hello! Welcome

  1. Mark Horowitz says:

    Love the title, love your writing, love you!

  2. Annmarie says:

    Thank you for letting me know wAs worried congrats on the new one very exciting i am glad you guys are ok

  3. david feldman says:

    Yes. I love the title also. And glad you are well

  4. Mary Lou Archer says:

    So glad to hear you are well. I was wondering about you and missing your writings.
    Looking forward to more reading.

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