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Chocolate could reduce MS fatigue, scientists say (17/11/15)
Researchers are looking to see whether chocolate can reduce fatigue – one of the most common symptoms in people living with MS.

In the study, MS society-funded experts will give subjects a hot chocolate drink rich in flavonoids, which are believed to help reduce inflammation.

Forty people with MS will be given hot chocolate every day over six weeks – half of them getting a flavonoid-rich drink while the others will be given a drink with low levels of flavonoids.

Dr Shelly Coe, who is running the trial at Oxford Brookes University, said: “Dark chocolate is generally seen as a food that’s bad for you but it has good things in it – including flavonoids.

“We’ve run the idea of this trial past a lot of people such as those at MS support groups and medics, and they’ve really liked it.

“We’ll be looking at the impact of cocoa flavonoids on inflammation and the role that plays in fatigue. There’s no cure for fatigue in people with MS, although the majority of those with the condition experience this symptom at some point.”

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